How SMO Package Can Grow Your Business Through Social Media Platforms?

In India, are you looking for SMO packages? Social Spot Media provides affordable SMO services. A key method for spreading knowledge about new products and services on numerous social media platforms is social media optimization. Basically, it's a strategy that never fails and aids companies in connecting with their target market.

The globe has been swept up by social media optimization (SMO), a cutting-edge kind of digital marketing. SMO not only emphasizes the effectiveness of social media but also links it to online marketing. In the contemporary internet era, customer engagement and online exposure have emerged as the two essential components of digital marketing. SMO makes use of the potential of these two key characteristics to assist organizations in expanding.

Budget is the one factor that may either make or kill a digital marketing strategy. As a result, we provide our clients with affordable SMO services at competitive prices so they may fully achieve the potential of their business.

With the help of our SMO packages, we assist you in enhancing your online presence on popular social media platforms. We have created programs that just include the necessary social media networks up to all the top platforms, based on your requirements. All of our SMO plans cover Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

Why You Should Invest In Social Media Optimization Packages?

By spending money on SMO packages, you will be nourishing and improving relationships with your clients. It is one method of enhancing brand recognition, creating partnerships, and encouraging consumer conversions.

Marketing and advertising are two essential aspects that might help a company succeed; they are both necessary to thrive in a cutthroat marketing climate. Similar to SEO, SMO requires a plan for both short-term and long-term goals. The long-term goals may include branding, growing the number of followers, SEO, marketing, and other things, while the short-term goals can include lead generation, advertising, and ranking improvement.

You don't need to have a huge budget to outsource SMO services; affordable SMO packages and effective SMO strategies work just as well. Even with the affordable SMO packages that you may easily afford, our SMO professionals can offer.

Today's consumer's research businesses before making a purchase on various online media platforms, and our SMO packages may help your company establish a solid online brand reputation. Working as an SMO company in India for the past 8 years, we are knowledgeable on how to use our SMO services to improve traffic to and maximize exposure for our customers' websites. You may receive original social media posting ideas from our social media optimization services in India to expand and engage your audience.

SMO Packages Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Indentify Business Goal
Analyse Your Audience
Create Social Media Calendar
Create Content & Marketing Strategy
Advertisement Support
Quarterly Organic/Paid Campaign Suggestion
Identify Hashtags
Social Trending

Profile Optimization
Creative Image Creation 10 16 22 50
FB Timeline Status Posting 10 16 22 50
Post Sharing in Groups 5 10 15 20
Cover Image Creative & Upload 1 1 1 2
Cover Image Creative & Upload 2 3 5 10
FB Timeline Status Posting 10 16 22 50
Cover Image Creative & Upload 2 3 5 10
Target Page Likes "Paid Activity" "Paid Activity" "Paid Activity" "Paid Activity"
Video-Sharing (Provided by Client)
Call to Action Button One time One time One time One time
Community or Event Page Creation
Facebook Insight Monitoring
Delete of Unwanted Spam
Blogs Posting (provided by client)

Profile Optimization
Tweets Posting 10 16 22 50
Target Twiter Follower Increase
Background Image Creative & Upload 1 1 1 2
#hashtag Trend Research
Twitter Analysis Monitoring

Profile Optimization
Instagram Image Sharing 10 16 22 50
Target Instagram Followers Increase
Stories, Reposting, Poll Creations, IGTV, IG REELS, etc
#Hashtag Trend Research
Video-Sharing (Provided by Client)
Comments & Like Management [Engagement Strategy]
Image Tagging to Friends/Followers [Increase Reach]
Instagram Analytics Monitoring

Profile Optimization
LinkedIn Post Sharing 10 16 22 50
Targeted LinkedIn Connection
Company Page Creation One time One time One time One time
Company Page Follower Increase
Company Page Creative Banner 1 1 1 1
LinkedIn Performance Review

AD Account and AD Manager Setup
AD Account and AD Manager Setup Upto 2 Ad Campaigns Upto 5 Ad Campaigns Upto 8 Ad Campaigns
AD Account and AD Manager Setup Upto 2 Ad Campaigns Upto 5 Ad Campaigns Upto 8 Ad Campaigns
AD Creative Banners Upto 2 Upto 5 Upto 8
AD Creative Banners Upto 2 Upto 5 Upto 8
AD Creative Banners Upto 2 Upto 5 Upto 8
Boost Post to Increase Engagement
Comprehensive Bidding Strategy & Budget
Pixel Creation & Customization on Landing Page
Campaign Structure Optimization
Email, Chat & Phone
Packages : Monthly/USD 199$ 299$ 399$ 499$

*These are standard SMO Packages and as per client’s requirements, pricing may go up. Our Packages don’t include any Paid Ads Spend Amount.*

*Paid Ad Campaigns Investment To Be Beared By Client*

Why Do Businesses Need SMO Packages?

We at Social Spot Media are aware of how social media may improve a website's organic search results when handled wisely. Our experts look into every route available to use SMO to link our client firms with their intended market. Budget is the one factor that may either make or kill a digital marketing strategy. As a result, we provide our clients with high-quality SMO packages at competitive prices so they may fully achieve the potential of their business.

Our Packages

Due to its reasonable price plans and high-quality services, Social Spot Media has been a well-known provider of SMO services in recent years. The SMO packages are priced affordably because we want our customers to be able to make use of them without feeling the financial burden.

Features Of Our SMO Service Packages

Along with offering affordable SMO packages, we also trust to the principle of treating every customer fairly. Due to this, we have ensured that all of our social media service packages come with both basic and premium capabilities.

We use all the top social media platforms as part of our SMO strategy to provide complete answers. We provide the following for popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Making a profile, making a fan page, and publishing and sharing.
  • Instagram: Making a business profile on Instagram, coming up with engaging, branded hashtags, and posting.
  • Twitter: Setting up a profile and posting.
  • Pinterest: Setting up an account, managing it, gaining followers, keeping up with pinboards, and posting pins with client-supplied photos.

All of Social Spot Media other SEO packages, aside from the fundamental SEO packages, also include SMO services. All of our monthly SMO packages are crucial in helping our members grow their businesses. These packages routinely and successfully connect corporate accounts with brand networks. Additionally, our SMO packages make it possible for potential clients of client companies to connect with the right platform.

We provide budget-friendly SMO services packages to help clients that hire us to accomplish the following goals:

  • Improve the SEO results.
  • Use a multi-point and systematic strategy to strengthen a client company's SMO campaign.
  • Send as many potential clients as you can to a website to provide your company with the best return on investment (RoI).

As a result, investing in our SMO services will greatly benefit you. Have questions or want to learn more about our affordable SMO services? Contact us right now!