Best Website Maintenance Packages & Services Which Will Make More Business

We realise that you are a professional busines who does not always have time to maintain your website. As a result, we provide monthly website maintenance packages that include WordPress core and plugin upgrades, daily backups to both our server and the cloud, monthly performance tests, security and vulnerability checks, and uptime monitoring. We want to help you save time while also protecting your website from hackers and software issues.

You can relax knowing that your website is being managed by specialists who are committed to guaranteeing its security and seamless operation.

A website maintenance package is essential for keeping a website up to date, safe, and operational. Website owners must keep several things in mind, ranging from website content and design to security and performance. All of these issues may be handled by our website maintenance services, allowing you to focus on operating your business.

Furthermore, a website maintenance software can assist in detecting faults before they become serious difficulties. You may avoid costly downtime and any security breaches by frequently reviewing your website and ensuring that everything is up to date. A WordPress maintenance service is a vital investment for any business with an online presence, just as you would maintain your automobile.

Website Maintenance Packages Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Choose Your Plan
Website Changes/Updates (Annually) Upto 6 Upto 12 Upto 18 Upto 30
Standard Support (Mon-Sat 10am-6pm IST) 5 Hours Per Month 7 Hours Per Month 12 Hours Per Month 20 Hours Per Month
Turn Around Time 3 Business Days 3 Business Days 2 Business Days 24 Hours
Urgent CMS support/restore if website is hacked
New Web Page Design (Annually) Addon Addon 4 6
Domain & Hosting Assistance Addon
Website Customization Works Addon Addon Addon Addon
Full-site backup and storage at 3rd party location (for easy restore) Weekly Weekly Daily Daily
Security Scan (Vulnerability Check) Monthly Weekly Weekly Daily

Set Auto Backup Weekly Weekly Daily Daily
Take Website Full Backup
Google Analytics Integration
Google Web Console Activation
Website Uptime Monitoring Addon

Anti-Hack Systems Implementation
Bot Protection
Virus & Malware Scanning
Spam Protection

Anti-Hack Systems Implementation
Bot Protection
Virus & Malware Scanning
Spam Protection

Updating the WordPress platform (Core & Plugins)
Theme Updates*
Broken Link Check & Fix
Website Security Check & Enhance
Website Speed Check & Optimize
Advanced Malware, Security & Blacklist Scanning
Database Optimization
Enquiry Form Process Check

Support Request via Email, Website
Communication via Phone/Email Email Email Phone/Email Phone/Email
Monthly Activity Report
Monthly Website Traffic Report
Monthly Website Uptime Report Addon
Developer Suggestions for Website improvement
Packages : Year/USD 199$ 299$ 399$ 499$
Note: All prices are excluding taxes. Social Spot Media will not be responsible for any hack and malware issue. We will try to fix as per our knowledge and skill if anything goes wrong.

Key Benefits of Website Maintenance Packages

Website Hosting

Every Wordpress requires hosting, which is the online address where all of the files are kept. Because hosting is so important to website performance, our website maintenance services include quality hosting for your website.

Regularly Website Backups

Taking frequent backups of your WordPress website is a vital component of our website maintenance solutions. We make daily backups of the website, and we have another set of backups as a fail-safe, since you can never be too careful, right?

Website Protection

We also provide extra website security as part of our maintenance services; we have firewalls in place and scan the website on a regular basis to identify possible threats. In the worst-case situation, we maintain website backups and can provide malware removal services.

Updates to the WordPress core and plugins

Keeping your website up to date is an important aspect of WordPress maintenance. This guarantees that your website runs properly for your visitors and reduces the likelihood of downtimes or security concerns. So we handle all WordPress core and plugin upgrades, ensuring that everything is up to date in general.

Additional Website Assistance

Our corporate WordPress maintenance service also offers a monthly allowance for any additional website help you may require. For example, adding new testimonials, blogs, sites, and so on. Send it to us if anything is too difficult or you are simply too busy to handle it. Our support packages are designed to allow you to focus on what you do best while we handle website upkeep.

Hourly Rate Discount

We want to thank you for using our maintenance services and support packages in the past, so we're giving a lower hourly fee for any additional assistance you may require with your WordPress websites.