Affordable PPC Packages That Will Generate Leads, Conversions & Instant Traffic.

Do you want a fully managed PPC package? Social Spot Media is the place to go. We can handle everything from developing your ad campaigns to optimizing them for the greatest results. Furthermore, we provide a variety of solutions to meet your goals and budget. We have an experienced team of committed specialists and campaign managers to efficiently create, administer, and manage Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.

If you're searching for an inexpensive strategy to market your business, PPC is the way to go! Social Spot Media's goal is to provide high-quality traffic that will enhance your leads and conversions. All of our PPC services are completely managed, allowing you to concentrate on operating your business.

With the powerful analytics received from PPC advertisements, you can control your ad spending and achieve measurable outcomes. Choose PPC Management Packages based on how aggressive you want to be in attracting the online population that might help your business grow.

Take advantage of monthly performance and analytics reports. Use the free Google Ads credits that come with PPC services. To get the most out of paid advertising, use PPC Management solutions.

Our PPC packages are designed to satisfy the different demands of small and large organizations. When looking for affordable PPC packages, we provide you with three PPC plans from which to find the best fit for your budget and website. Furthermore, we are a Google Ads Certified Partner with a strong track record of outstanding PPC outcomes. Our PPC professionals provide the lowest cost per click for you based on years of expertise in PPC campaign management.

You Can Spend Sensibly and Accurately With Our PPC Packages

Attract maximum ROI with our professionals' finely tailored PPC ads. Spend less money by utilizing professional experience to invest wisely in the correct campaigns.

Daily Campaign Tracking

Every day, our professionals check your numerous PPC ads. This activity allows us to optimize your paid campaigns with appropriate changes to ensure optimum ROI.

Optimize Your Keywords

We ensure that your product or service's targeted keyword obtains the most impressions and clicks. To do this, we use professional tools and strategies to execute keyword optimization.

Specialization In Ads

Our PPC experts are experts in handling the Google AdWords platform to conduct your PPC campaigns. Our PPC professionals' knowledge enables you to make the best use of AdWords.

Highest Lead Generation

Our PPC professionals ensure that we create the most leads for your company by using accurate targeting and methods. More leads equal more business for your company.

Expert Opinion

Our qualified PPC specialists have extensive expertise in executing effective paid advertisements. We examine your campaign performance to provide you with credible campaign enhancement ideas.

PPC Packages Silver Gold Platinum
Campaign Setup/AD Optimization
Service Charge / Month* 99$ 199$ 299$
Campaign – 1
AD Groups – 2
Ad Copies – Maximum 6
No. of Keywords-50
Search Ads
Display Ads
Gmail Ads
Video Ads
Shopping Ads
App Promotion Ads
Remarketing List
Conversion Tracking

Competitor Analysis
Keyword Optimization
Ad Copy Optimization

ROI Analysis
Land Page Optimization

REPORTING Monthly Monthly Monthly
Google Analytics Report (Monthly)
Email, Chat, Phone
Project Management Tool Tracking
Investment Costing Is Towards The Client End Upto Client Upto Client Upto Client

*These are standard PPC Packages and as per client’s requirements, pricing may go up. Our Packages don’t include any Google Ads Spend Amount.

Pricing Plans For Google Ads Management For Small Businesses

If you are new to the online world, you will have to wait a long time before receiving your first lead from search engines. If you want quick results for your efforts, you must use PPC Packages. However, when it comes to PPC services, always rely on PPC specialists. There are many so-called PPC experts who will get it wrong, wasting your money and efforts.

To run Google advertising, you must have a website or landing page where people may go after clicking on your advertisements. PPC advertising is more expensive than other digital marketing tactics, but it produces results quickly. You will be paid for each and every click on your Google advertising. Social Spot Media provides low-cost yet efficient PPC packages for small to medium-sized enterprises. Our team of professionals continuously monitors the outcomes of your advertising and makes the necessary measures during PPC ad optimization to maximize ROI. When you work with Social Spot Media for PPC services, you get a high-quality PPC plan that will help you outrank your competition.

The Benefits Of Our PPC Packages

Nothing beats a well-planned PPC approach. However, there is more to the success of such initiatives than a well-planned strategy. Aside from that, a lot depends on how successfully the key parts of a PPC campaign are implemented.

We incorporate the following characteristics to give comprehensive services:

  • Advertising
  • Telephone extensions
  • Monthly reporting is required
  • Extensions to site links
  • Remarketing
  • Conference calls are held monthly.
  • Image/display advertisements.
These are the most important services we offer to our clients. The list is endless.

We Provide Low-Cost PPC Management Packages

At Social Spot Media , we recognize that PPC price packages may have an impact on a company's total costs. The lower the number, the better. As a result, we make every effort to ensure that all of our packages are reasonably priced. You may be confident that you will get fantastic value for money if you invest in our PPC service packages.

To learn more about our pay-per-click services, get a free estimate today. All you have to do is fill out the necessary fields and submit them to us. One of our staff will contact you to give additional information about your inquiry. You may also contact us directly using our contact information.