How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing?
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How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing?

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Are you a business owner and want to grow your business? Or do you want to increase the reach of your target audience? Google has sorted this for you. One of Google’s features named Google My Business (GMB) has gained its popularity for its easy access and great features. Google My Business allows your customer to reach you with one search. It registers your business and provides complete details about your business to your audience. Listing the business in GMB is very easy and can be done in a few steps. Any business holder should always register his/her business in GMB to increase its reach to the consumer.

Now if one already has a Google My Business Listing and wants to optimize the account, this article covers their solution too. In this piece of content, we will talk about GMB in detail and will learn how to optimize Google My Business listing.

One would ask why GMB. And how much does it cost to have an account on it? The good news is, that you don’t have to spend a penny on Google My Business as it is free of charge. It helps the owner to maintain an online presence, which eventually helps to grow the business portfolio. So let us begin.

Google has an incredible feature called Google’s Local Search. When a user searches on Google Local search, he/she can have access to all the business that is available in that location. And if a company has registered in the Google My Business listing, the business will pop up in the list of local companies. In that way, the business can reach its target consumers. The consumer can also put reviews on the company. GMB is a great way to grow a new or established business.

How does it work?

The information in Google My Business is then used by Google’s Knowledge Graph to generate required databases about the business that is relevant to searches. Then the data is updated to Google Maps, which is further added to the database of Google, and the business can get organic reach whenever the consumer searches for a query.

Create an account

If you also want to create a GMB account, then follow the following simple steps. Google My Business listing will allow you and your business to grow organically. If you already have a listing, learn how to optimize it and add more details to it, so that Google and the third party can get the required information about your growing brand.

The first step is to search whether you already have the GMB listing. If the business has been around for several years, then chances are your company has got listed in Google My Business automatically. If you have the listing, you have to redeem it. Once claimed successfully, you can now update the information accordingly and ensure that it has not been taken by anyone else. In case someone has already taken the listing, it will notify you.

If someone has already claimed it, then follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the remaining business details.
  2. Ensure every given aspect is correct.
  3. Then choose a relevant category for your business.
  4. Changing details

In case the user wants to change or add details in the account to update Google My Business, it can also be very conveniently done. Follow these steps.

Sign in to your GMB account, and make sure you are using the ‘card view’ feature. If not, then change the viewing by clicking on the card icon.

Then select the listing that you want to manage. And click on the ‘Manage location’.

After that, click on the information from the menu. Look for the ‘address’ section and click on it. You will notice an option with “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their locations”, click on “Yes” for that option. Enter the area information along with the ZIP code and the city.

After filling in all the blanks, click on ‘Apply to save your changes.

Verify – Once you have successfully listed your business on Google My Business, you have to verify it. The verifying process is straightforward. GMB will send you a mail to the given email address, and you have to click the link on the email to verify that you are using the account.

Include Keywords- Keywords are essential to reach the right audiences. Hence choose your keywords very wisely. Along with appropriate keywords, search for accurate phrases that define your business. This will help the brand to grow effectively. Keywords help to make your brand stand out among its consumers and also can assist in listing in the first top 5’s of a search.

Timings- It is imperative to provide the business hour as this allows you to accurately communicate with your audience about the availability of your service. Ensure that you are updating the timings whenever there are any changes.

Add photos- Photos are significant and attractive to the audience. It gives the customers an idea of what they are going for. Some good pictures surely will help the brand to make the first impression, and there are more chances that you can get a good deal. Images are also very essential to prove the originality and authenticity

Profile picture– It is mainly for the logo of the brand.

Cover picture– It depicts the brand’s personality and aesthetics.

Additional pictures– In this, the audience can see the places and products. It is mainly the spotlight, where the customer actually decides whether to go for the service or not.

Availability- Ensure that your service is readily available, and consumers can contact you anytime. The first call is your first chance to crack the deal. So keep your phone number updated along with your email address.

These are some steps and tactics to grow your new or existing business on Google My Business. I hope this was useful to you.

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