AI vs Human Content: Which Content Gets More Traffic?
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AI vs Human Content: Which Content Gets More Traffic?

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Just a few years ago, we might not have considered this subject. Of course, AI was very much in existence, and various AI technologies aided in the creation of blog articles and other types of material. However, the way it has developed into a full-fledged writing helper has been somewhat surprising.

Today, we have various technologies that allow you to produce blog material just like humans. In today’s blogging environment, generative AI has made significant progress, and individuals are now cranking out blog after blog utilizing these AI writing aids. But, from a blogger’s perspective, which is better for blogging: AI or human writing?

A Comparison Between AI and Human Content

To determine the victor between AI and human writing in terms of blogging, it may be interesting to do a factor-by-factor study. This will allow us to go a bit deeper into determining the winner of the two.

FactorAI WritingHuman Writing
Content QualityQuicker, but without an individual touch and expertise.More interactive and personalized.
Content Creation Speedfaster owing to data analysis skills.Slower owing to the research and analysis required.
SEOEffective, but may overdo buzzwords.SEO expertise leads to greater optimization.
Fact-checkingLimited dependability and probable faults.Competent with extensive knowledge and confirmation.
Originality/Authenticitylacks novelty and creativity.Offers original and real stuff.
Word CountLimited by technological restrictions.Flexibility to change the word count as needed
StructureMay lack organization and cohesion.Offers a logical and simple framework.

Content quality

AI can generate content quicker and more efficiently. However, this may have a negative impact on creativity. The amount of involvement that a human blogger can bring to their material may not be seen in AI-written content. Aside from that, it will lack the personalization and experience that a human writer provides to the text.

The AI-generated content is just as entertaining as the user-provided instructions. Aside from that, it generates identical content for practically every user when presented with a comparable query. That would imply that given a topic, AI will generate comparable material regardless of who asks it to write it. You will never detect a personal touch or innovative approach.

Content creation speed

When it comes to producing material more quickly, AI clearly outperforms human authors. It has the power to analyze data and create content more quickly than humans can.

Human bloggers require time to research, analyze, and create material. Human content production can be much slower.


From an SEO perspective, AI content might be a double-edged sword. It is quite likely that it will function well and improve SEO performance. Specialized AI writing tools may assist you in efficiently analyzing keywords and focusing on crucial SEO elements like readability, keyword density, and optimization.

However, AI-powered SEO optimization can sometimes go awry. Overuse of keywords may be a major concern. Human authors can leverage their SEO skills to attain better levels of optimization.


Overdependence on AI writing tools might make fact-checking your text extremely tough. There have been instances where AI technologies have displayed evidence of delusion. Furthermore, these technologies have a limited understanding of the current situation.

We have examples of programs like ChatGPT creating events that never occurred. A lawyer once won his case using ChatGPT research, which was later discovered to be made up. That would imply that rather than relying solely on AI, you should use human intelligence to fact-check.

Originality and Genuineness.

The primary issue with AI material is a lack of originality and authenticity. It is commonly understood that AI technologies are designed to function based on the data on which they were trained. They will merely regurgitate the facts they were taught on.

If you want to develop trust with your readers, employ human content rather than AI-generated blog entries. The output from AI content technologies lacks the freshness that your viewers may expect. If you want to increase organic traffic, it is always a good idea to incorporate human content.

Word Count

Of course, we agree that word count does not influence ranking. However, there are certain themes that may need you to produce significant content with a high word count. Humans often write material of up to 1500 words or more.

Due to processing limitations, AI may be unable to go beyond 1000+ words. Humans may utilize their brains to produce information of various lengths while still conveying the substance of what is being delivered. AI may not be as effective in this situation.


Content structure may be slightly out of step with AI authoring. Human authors are capable of producing information that is both logical and easy to understand. AI-written material may lack organization.

Human authors may design their structures ahead of time, guiding readers to a thorough understanding of the topic. AI material may lack features and ramble without a clear direction. Creating a compelling introduction and ending may sometimes be a challenge for human authors.

Pros and Cons: AI Written Content

Of course, AI content has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of fact, while AI may not be able to compete with human intelligence, it does offer some benefits.


  • Faster Content Creation
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • No Experience Required
  • Compatibility with many genres.


  • Quality is not up to par
  • Professional-level instructions are necessary.
  • May not give sufficient SEO optimization.

Pros and Cons: Human writing

We favor human writing for obvious reasons, as previously discussed. It can assist in the creation of accurate, verifiable, and trustworthy information.


  • Improved audience engagement
  • Exceptional creativity and optimal SEO.
  • Improved topic understanding
  • content organization.


  • Content creation may be time-consuming and costly
  • depending on the writer’s competence. 
  • Batch content production may not be feasible.

If you’re seeking basic material like About Us, Privacy Policy, and other comparable topics, AI writing might be the answer. Human-written content is always preferable to more valuable material that is tailored to the audience.

In Conclusion

Do you want to make a decisive decision on whether to use AI or human-written content for your blog? If you’re into content marketing and developing material for your audience, it’s always best to use human content. That may be really beneficial in terms of brand development.

If you want to employ AI writing, make sure you have a professional editor and a specialist who can examine the quality and authenticity of the blog post.

In basic terms, we believe that human writing adds much-needed perspective, emotions, and innovative ideas to your blog posts. That should not be a cause to avoid AI writing. Striking the appropriate mix between human innovation and AI-driven insights should help you get the best possible solution.

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